HINCare Project
HINCare: A Heterogeneous Information Network for Elderly-Care Recommendation

This is software platform designed for intelligent timebanking, in which helpers earn time credits through voluntary services, and use them to acquire other serices. We use network AI technologies to suggest and match potential helpers from social networks, and recommend them to the elderly care organizations involved. The system is a generic platform, allowing new NGOs to subscribe to our timebanking services easily. Starting in Dec 2019, the system has been serving more than 1,800 users, and supporting NGOs including SKH(TSO) and CSFC. We welcome NGOs to join us!

Jockey Club SMART Family-Link Project (JCSFL)
Jockey Club SMART Family-Link Project (JCSFL)

Initiated by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust in 2018 with a donation of over HK$157 million, the four-year Jockey Club SMART Family-Link Project is a cross-sectoral collaboration to advance the use of Information and Communications Technology (“ICT”) in family services. The Project aims to devise an innovative and evidence-based family service delivery model that leverages the effective use of ICT and data analytics to enable service users to better benefit from preventive, supportive and early remedial services provided by all 26 NGO-operated Integrated Family Service Centres and Integrated Service Centres to promote family well-being. The Project develops an online platform for capacity building, co-creation and co-learning of frontline staff; and organises public education and knowledge transfer programmes to strengthen family functioning.

Jockey Club Joyage Project
Jockey Club Holistic Support Project for Elderly Mental Wellness (Second Phase)

Provide services on maintenance of online training platform, multimedia design & production for training materials, multimedia design & production for website and mobile apps, development of website and mobile apps.

Jockey Club Golden Age Journey Project
Jockey Club Golden Age Journey Project

Develop an online assessment platform for participants to conduct comprehensive self-assessment to assist with personalised service matching and recommendation.

AKA Social Service Project
Application System Development for the Aberdeen Kai-Fong Welfare Association Social Service Centre (AKA Social Service)

Develop an Elderly Service Management System (ECS) application system for the Aberdeen Kai-Fong Welfare Association Social Service Centre (AKA Social Service). The system is required to provide a user-friendly interface, efficient operation work-flows, accurate data-processing, reliable and high security level for data protection.