HINCare Received HKD 15 Million Donation from Little Bluebridge Foundation

Congratulations to Professor Reynold CHENG and his team for receiving a donation of HKD$15 million from the Little Bluebridge Foundation for further development of HINCare.


“HINCare” (Heterogeneous Information Network for Elderly-Care Helper Recommendation) helps to manage the workload and logistics of volunteering and time-banking management for NGOs and charity organisations. What’s more, it can store useful statistics and help NGOs formulate long-term strategy and identify needs of elderly people through data analytics. By matching service requests with volunteers in the community intelligently, the system stretches elderly people’s potential in serving the community and helps them develop mutual help and support networks. It also facilitates the development and expansion of Time Bank community projects.


With the generous donation, Professor Reynold CHENG’s team will continue to enhance HINCare in the next five years. Collaboration or data sharing between different organizations will be explored to expand volunteer services. Besides NGOs, other companies can also participate in volunteering through HINCare, creating more impact and cultivating mutual-help culture in our community.